We went to a little place called Stitches!

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You may or may not have heard of a little magical place called the Craft, Hobby and Stitch international trade show. Yes it is a mouthful, hence why we call it Stitches! 

The show is filled with all sorts of wonderful things, from wools for knitting and crocheting, to crafting cottons, to cake decorating and of course beautiful dressmaking fabrics. Oh and don't forget the buttons! 

We also saw plenty of people in their own creations. (We do believe that it is the comedic relief of stitches!) Not just everyday dresses but costums too. There's no better way to show off what you do.  

But that aside we did see some pretty amazing fabrics which is what you want to know about right?

fabric beehive

Not long after entering the great big Hall 11 we got very very excited, and that's an understatment, because we have finally found some Frozen, Marvel and various other Disney fabrics. We will hopefully be ordering these very soon! However we did order some gorgeous Thomas the Tank Engine panels that you can make into a book. Oh and some stunning crafting cottons by Santoro. Also for all the fans of marmalade sandwiches we have also ordered some Paddington fabrics in. I am personally very excited for these to arrive! 





freedom fabrics


One of my favourite things about stitches is seeing all the displays the companies create to attract the helpless people to their stands. Like Bees to flowers we were drawn in easily. 

< This was Freedom Fabrics display on the outside of their stand. I absolutely love Freedom Fabrics quality of fabric. It so blooming beautiful!  We have stocked their fabric for quite sometime and it continues to be one of the best quality crafting cottons around.  




                          We don't even stock wool but I have to admit this extremely wooly sheep made me want to buy some wool! 









 I think that the best part of the day was the near the end. We were all very tired after a whole day walking round the NEC, when we stumbled across this very lovely lady doing a demonstration with rubber stamps. She showed us how to stamp gorgeous patterns on to plain fabric. This gave us the best idea about creating our own unique fabrics to make our bespoke dresses with. SO hopefully on friday we will be able to share a little sneak peek of our exclusive and completelyindividual dresses. 

We will provide a little bit more information about the company on Friday. Till then say safe and Thank you very much for reading! 

I will leave you with a picture of one of Emmys personal favourite walls at stitches! It's made entirely from the small Usful boxes. Bye Bye Stitches, see you next year.