We offer a reliable and professional alteration service. Whether you have a big or samll job that you would like us to undertake then we will be happy to do it for you. So if it's a hole in your favourite jumper or a wedding dress that needs a nip and a tuck, we can help you. We have a fitting room which is accessible as we have a ramp to the back of the shop.

How we work out the price.

The price of your alteration or repair will depend on the amount of time it takes for our seamstress to do your job so all prices shown are a from price but we can give you a firm price when you drop your item off with us. 

finished and ready for collection

How we track your item

You will be given a card with a number on as well as the date you will be able to collect your item from. We would like you to bring this with you as we do deal with hundreds of items. 

needs a stitich or two

How much is it going to cost? 

  • Shorten trousers/skirts/dresses from £11.50
  • Take in trousers/skirts from £11.50
  • repair hole £2.50 to £5
  • Shorten sleeves fom £15
  • new zip in dress/skirt/trousers from £11.50
  • New zip in coats/fleeces from £16 plus the price of the zip
  • New zip in coat/fleece with poppers is from £21 plus the price of the zip
  • Shortening curtains has so many variables. Please ask for an essitmate. 
  • Bridal/Prom is from £20 to take in and £15 per layer to shorten. A firm price can be given after the first fitting. 
new zip

We ask that all items are laundered before you drop them with us, unless they are brand new of course but might still want to if the item is likely to shrink. We aim to make it so you can't tell that we have ever done anuthing to your item but sometimes this isn't possible. You will be told that this is the case. Occasionaly we have to order zips or thread to complete your alterations. If this is going to delay the pick up date then we will let you know as soon as possible. We don't just alter clothes we also do curtains, blinds and replace zips in cushions etc. 

We aren't currently taking in any alterations due to Covid-19.